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Note to patients, please share this with your elderly relatives who do not have access to the internet.

We have been made aware of a new telephone scam involving patients.

An elderly patient (80 years old) called her practice to let them know that she has been called by a Cheryl from The Health Care Centre (01233 344107) they spoke to her discussing all of her medication, which she states they got correct and then asked for her bank details to complete the order. Thankfully she didn't pass on her details.

The telephone number has been googled: 01233 344107 is a landline number operated by Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd (01233) 344107 has been identified as a health care scam, located in Ashford (Kent) (UK) The summary of detected keywords found in the reports is as follows: scam (8 times), General Practitioner (GP) (2 times), health care (2 times), survey (2 times), medical (1 time)

COVID BOOSTERS : Spring 2023

The next booster campaign is due to start in April 2023 for patients aged 75yrs+ and/or patients who are housebound or who are living in a care home.

For any covid vaccination - you do not need to call the practice - please check the Covid-19 page 

If you are housebound then let the Practice know and we can add you to the Housebound register. The Practice will be in touch to vaccinate you at home.

Willerby and Swanland Surgery

Willerby and Swanland Surgery seeks to be a leading primary healthcare provider in the East Riding. Our philosophy is simply that every patient is entitled to the highest standard of care available - and we want to provide this through excellent service.

 We will assist our patients manage illness and ailments through self-help, medication, appropriate referrals to secondary care and chronic disease monitoring clinics. You will receive the quality and service you expect from a primary care leader.


Our practice evolves as the needs of our patients change and as new opportunities are created within healthcare. We will strive to offer access to the latest services, technology and developments within the NHS.

Demand on our Practice and Appointments


We continue to work hard to manage patient demand as best as we can and have made significant changes to our systems to increase clinical staff and capacity. We are now seeing more patients face2face than before the pandemic and we continue to seek ways to improve even further.

We know many people are looking for appointments for new or ongoing healthcare and we are working hard to meet demand. We are not, however, magicians and when our capacity is full - it is full !!  We need to ensure our high standard of care continues safely.

We ask you to work with us, we may try to signpost you to other care providers and services that may be more appropriate.  Our trained care navigators will follow the instructions given by our GP Partners. 


Please do not take this out on us - we too are patients, we too are carers and we also have family members so we totally get your frustration - but there is no quick fix and giving us rudeness and aggression fixes nothing but leaves you and us more upset. We don't aim to be rude to anyone, nor unsympathetic nor lacking in understanding.  

Not so long ago people wanted to protect the NHS by first trying self-care or pharmacists for a new condition.

It was the case that many hospital departments did not see any patients for numerous months and it may have been for a number of other reasons that people did not ask for NHS intervention.

Now we are seeing those patients who feel their conditions may have worsened or who are frustrated by long waits. As such they may now indeed need more NHS resources.

This will not be a quick fix and it isn't always your GP practice that can make the difference, but we are working extremely hard to try and help you where we can. 

As a team, can we please remind you all that we have and will always follow current NHS and governmental guidance to ensure that the very best service will be given. We are here to help and want to continue to do so - and we are seeing more patients than we did pre-pandemic.

Please bear with us as we are working under extremely difficult conditions. Your help will be very gratefully received and we will try to be as helpful to you as you would expect : just please bear in mind we cannot deliver beyond our capacity.

Thank you.


 Laden Sie die NHS-App von Google Play für Android herunter und verwenden Sie sie  App

 Store für Apple-Geräte 

Sie können dies verwenden, um  bestellen  Rezepte wiederholen, Hausarzttermine vereinbaren und zusammenfassende Krankenakten einsehen.

Für mehr Details  Zugang zu Ihren Unterlagen müssen Sie sich online in der Praxis anmelden  zugreifen .

East Riding Emotional Wellbeing Service (IAPT)  -  Psychological Therapy  

Working in partnership with other therapy providers such as; Relate, House of Light and IESO (type-talk online therapy) to offer FREE NHS services for adults aged 16 or over who are experiencing the following:

Stress, anxiety, worry, obsessive compulsive disorder, health anxiety, social anxiety, low mood, depression, fear of birth, pregnancy and post-birth low mood and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, employment support & long-term conditions.

You can refer yourself and don't need to see a Doctor

You can find out more be visiting 


Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm

01482 335451

Text: Text talk to 60163, this will send you a link to the website.



Sie können jetzt abends und am Wochenende einen Termin bei einem Hausarzt in einer Reihe von Allgemeinarztpraxen in East Riding vereinbaren.

Ausführlichere Informationen zu diesem Service finden Sie auf der Improving Access-Website


Dieser Service steht allen East Riding-Patienten zur Verfügung. 


Verbunden mit dem Gesundheitswesen

Wir möchten, dass jeder Patient den höchstmöglichen Behandlungsstandard erhält. 
Wir werden sicherstellen, dass unsere Patienten unseren besten Service erhalten, um sie bei der Bewältigung von Krankheiten und Beschwerden durch Selbsthilfe, Medikamente und entsprechende Überweisungen an geeignetes medizinisches Fachpersonal zu unterstützen.

Holiday health
Patient registration
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Willerby und Swanland Chirurgie  
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Bitte beachten: Unsere Filiale in Swanland hat  

ab 4. Dezember 2021 dauerhaft geschlossen 

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